Friday, January 2, 2009

I have writers blog block

Hopefully it will go away with the New Year. I miss writing, the feeling of submitting a new post, all tied up with a neat bow.

Maybe it's me, thinking I have to post something interesting and profound. Because when you live that whole military mommy life day in and day out, life tends to be interesting and profound. But when you just LIVE your life, it's so much more than that. It's living this life that has taken over.

But I must return to writing. To chronicle the days that seem to pass so much faster now. To tell myself the stories that I will eventually forget when not written down. To remember the moments when I am filled with wonder at the blessings at my feet.

Back to blogging in the New Year.


Cayman's Mom said...

i feel a comeback in the making! there are so many times i want to shed the military off my life and just be a wife who happens to be married to a soldier. that's who i am, just an everyday wife and mom. and that's who you are too. and that is life that needs to be captured. between the many adventures of max, which how is mad max, and life in general, there should be plenty to write. so, get to it! i've missed you and your words!

Jess said...

Miss you too Jackie!