Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phone Phobia

Some of you probably have read that I started a business with Tastefully Simple. So far I have LOVED it. The products are fantastic and I get paid to pass around plates of food and tell people all the cools and EASY things they can with said products!

I can hardly call it a job because it is so easy! Until I was asked to be a part of the Movin Up Training Call session. The training calls are aimed at giving you the skills you need to promote to the next level. For me that would be Team Leader. I have two fantastic team members so far. In order to promote, I need one more. In order to get an extra special bonus, I need one more by March 18th.

Sooooo, of all my fantabulous skills I have put into place (God blessed me with SOME self confidence, thank ya) one that I am not so blessed with is the ability to pick up the phone and call people.

In this age of text messaging and emails, it is so much easier to buckle out than actually have a phone conversation. Don't get me wrong, I call people all day long at work and I have good phone and conversation skills. (thanks to my mom who always made me call and order things, even at a very young age, thanks mom!) BUT picking up the phone to call someone about MY business....I don't know, it's just different.

SO different that it did in fact turn into a phobia as I sat on my couch Tuesday nearing panic mode at the thought of calling these people. And shoot all I was doing was checking to see if they liked their products, let them know when our Fall-Winter stuff retires and inviting them to my open house for the new Spring-Summer line. NOT that hard.

Rob did his best to encourage me through my fretfulness but I still couldn't move past my frenetic fears. I asked for help from my regional business developer and she sent me the most encouraging email. (yes, I was waiting for a phone call, haha)

What I found most encouraging was this. She told me that it didn't matter what the results of the phone calls were, what mattered is that I took the steps to get over my fear of the phone by just doing it. By MAKING the phone calls I was successful!

I made an appointment with myself to go to the local coffee shop and face my phobia. I took a deep breath and dialed the number. YES! Voicemail. "I am such a lucky chicken!" I thought to myself. Call 2, she answered. I went through my short and sweet conversation and she marked her calendar for the party, told me she loved everything and wanted more. Sweet! Somewhere between calls 2 and 15 I got a large reorder and hads lots of short and easy conversations. People told me THANK YOU for calling them to make sure they were satisfied.

Phobia of the phone....I'm working on it. But from what I hear, I am already a success.

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