Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things Abou tMe

1. I was born in Texas and therefore hate all things OU
2. I love being a military wife, even when it SUCKS because I am incredibly proud of my husband.
3. The first few months of motherhood were WAY harder than anyone tells you and it makes me scared to have another one.
4. I have a Love-Hate relationship with many things in my life.
5. I am a Gemini and even though I don’t believe in astrology I do tend to be a very two sided person.
6. I used to be a night owl and now I go to bed by 10:30PM
7. I really miss some of my friends and I get jealous of the things that keep them away from me.
8. I have changed my life plan 572 times.
9. I love all things related to womens ministry.
10. I have aspirations to write a book and have 92 pages done
11. I currently have writers block to finish said book
12. My nickname in college was SBG and if you don’t know what it stands for you probably shouldn’t!
13. I hate middleschoolers. I might give away my kids during that time frame.
14. I love my gigantic modern crazy mega church and I love my parents small, traditional Nazarene church too.
15. I am terrified of singing in public and I have no idea if I am ever on tune or HARMONIZING
16. I learned to close chapters in my life and now I can look back on them fondly without regret or sadness.
17. I taught dance for 7 years and I still miss my kids. Except they are all in high school now and that makes me OLD.
18. I forgot my dog at doggy daycare yesterday and he had to spend the night. Bad Dog Mommy.
19. I have not forgotten my child at daycare. Yet.
20. I love Max more than life itself.
21. I love my husband more today than I did 10 years ago.
22. I love my God more than anything else.
23. I have grown up a lot in the past two years and it makes me realize how much growing I still have left to do.
24. My ambition is to quit working and stay at home. And I NEVER thought I would want to do that.
25. I am scared of staying home all day every day with my child because he is one CRAZY monkey.


Runningmama said...

Oh the crazy monkeys. How do they capture our hearts like this?

I will forgive you for hating OU. This time...

Karen H said...

What's up chica!? Saw your blog in your signature in an email forwarded by Tvan. Whew.

Heads up, you can take care of #10 whenever your ready. I work for doing events and it's AWESOME! Self-publishing and on-demand printing. Make that one with what you already have to see what it would look like in book form. It'll motivate you to finish it, promise. ;)
Miss you!