Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pray for Power

So you might have heard that we had three bad tornados tear through Oklahoma last night and our town was affected. In fact, right in front of our neighborhood there are several power lines down, with the wires touching the street. Needless to say our neighborhood is practically blocked off. Thankfully they just connected our neighborhood to another one and we were able to get in the back way just long enough to grab food, clothes and the dog and head to stay with family.

We have no power and judging from the damage I don't know when we might get it. Needless to say this is not fun with a baby, a dog and two working adults. Please pray that we get power turned back on quickly and for all the families and homes affected by this crazy OK weather.
Much Love,

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Cayman's Mom said...

OMG! i've been thinking about y'all... i didn't know where you were in relation to all the crazy storms. glad to hear that y'all are okay, not comfortable, but okay. prayers for power, electrical power (because you know God's got the power already) to be restored soon. hang in there. remember, you're not just strong, but army wife strong!