Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Weekends R Us

Are your weekends as busy as ours? We had another busy weekend but the awesome thing was that Saturday we had NOTHING to do! Everything was centered on Friday and Sunday so we got one whole day off to hang around and have family time and it rocked!

Friday night I had my Spring Summer Tastefully Simple Open House and it was a blast! We invited all of my customers, past hosts and many of our couple friends. We had over 20 people at our house and seriously like 10 children running/crawling around. It was crazy! I had over $500 in sales and a party booking so it was worth the effort! Even though I got VERY few leftovers after everyone was gone. I am always too busy talking to eat or drink! Thank you to everyone who came by and got some goodies. Tonight I am letting Mr. Max draw a winner for $50 in free stuff as the "Mystery Host"

Saturday we had the BEST day. We slept in and Max and I lazed around in Daddy's chair while Rob hung out. I cleaned up our house and Rob did some laundry. We decided to be really consistent with Max's daycare schedule so he had lunch early and we layed him down for his nap around 12:15. He talked/whined/cried for a bit and then slept for 2 hours in his crib. Miracles do exist! When he got up it was Max and Mommy time so we went to Target to get some colors, color wonder markers and a big floorpad. We got Max's hair cut and I actually let them use the clippers. He did AWESOME and loved his grape sucker. His hair is super cute and spikes now. Then we went to the mall and played in the play area. Max LOVES being able to run around and climb without getting in trouble.

After that we went home and forced Daddy into getting out of the house. We went to Cici's for dinner because if we were having pizza I really wanted thin crust and a salad. It was cheap and yummy and Mr. Picky Eater himself ate TWO pieces of cheese pizza and a fruit cup. GO MAX.

After the monkey was in bed, Rob and I just hung out and we both remarked on what a great day it was. I LOVE good Saturdays!

Yesterday I had another party and it too was over $500 in sales. I woke up today to a party booking email and several other business leads. God is so good, even when I act like a total stresscase. He always provides for our needs and leads us down the right path. I loved my weekend and I love my life.



Runningmama said...

Okay, I am officially jealous of your marketing skillz. I may have been the worst all time Arbonne rep ever. EVER.

Miss you.

Jess said...

Bwhahaha, that is AWESOME Andi! Miss you too!