Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My brain feels like scrambled eggs this week. Could be that it's ahem, that time of the month. Could be that Max is quickly entering into :the terrible twos: or that Rob is getting very sick with a head cold/sinus infection thing.

Could be that my day job is getting exceedingly busy and it's really hard to be here 100% when I long not to be. Could be that every Monday morning I walk into an office filled with negative nelly's and a cloud of despair threatens to take over my mood.

Could be that my heart is heavy thinking about Stellan. Sweet baby who was healed after serious heart problems in the womb, who is now in the hospital unexpectedly, dealing with the same heart problems once again.

Could be that I started reading Every Thought Captive and my thought life is addled between the thoughts that come unknowingly and the desire to rid myself of such negative thoughts, when I know where they come from. Could be that it is so hard to grasp the line of striving to be like Christ and accepting that NO MATTER WHAT our relationship with Him is never based on performance. He loves me the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, regardless of my actions.

Could be that I stayed up too late the past few nights and was woken up by hail beating so hard on our windows I couldn't hear Rob speaking right next to me.

Or it could just be that Max woke up at 5:15AM and in :terrible errr terrific two: fashion decided that was a dandy time to get up for the day and then proceeded to MELT DOWN all morning long.

Could be.

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Codes said...

I hear you friend...same for me! The past few weeks have definately been a mental battle for me too!!! You can do it, and don't fall prey to the negetive nelly's!!! Love you