Monday, April 13, 2009

Laying at His Feet

For some reason, this Easter seemed to hold a special significance to me. I wish I could my finger straight onto the reason but it seems to be a culmination of so many things happening in our lives.

I really feel like God has drawn us closer as a family. Don't you worry Rob and I are still the same stubborn people who occasionally butt heads over silly issues. But ever since our latest deployment I feel like God helped us to lay a true foundation for our family. I know that there are things so much bigger than fighting over who is being cranky which is causing someone else to be cranky too. I lay in bed at night and even though I have grown comfortable with his warmth beside me I still breathe out a prayer of Thanksgiving for bringing him home.

Max is in love with his Daddy. And when we wake up lazily, me asking Max to sleep just a little bit longer and him declaring a Noooo he always sits up straight and asks for Daddy. Raising his tiny palms into the air, where is he? And even though he does this almost every single day I still breathe a prayer of Thanksgiving for forming such a relationship between Father and Son after such a long seperation.

We have always gone to church on Easter. But for some reason I was extra excited about Easter this year. It's probably because He is drawing us closer and closer to Him so the meaning was so much more...meaningful. Just thinking about how He has guided our path to bring us to THIS point at THIS time in THIS place makes me so thankful for every single step that we have taken.

We went to church, we ate lunch with some of our bestest friends, we made carrot cupcakes and laughed when Max covered himself in frosting, we prayed, we worshipped and we hunted eggs but more than anything I stopped my normally frenetic self, left my phone in the car on silent and enjoyed one another. Craig's message yesterday was Can You See Him? And I can. I have eyes to SEE Him in our daily lives. He has taken a life full of missteps and turned them into a beautiful trail. Still full of rocks, and roots that might cause us to stumble but a trail that is shaded by the trees, filled with His breath of wind and the beauty of the journey.

What a journey


Tardibonos said...

Jess -

Thank you for your encouragement. Recent events in our lives have made some things even more difficult. We've just had a fourth miscarriage and my heart is hurting to say the least and somewhere in the midst of Daniel's hip issues, raising kids on my own when Daniel is mostly gone, and everything in between I've gotten overwhelmed and to some degree lost in the monotony and day to day steps. Our recent loss simply sent me over the edge that I'd been peering into for a bit now. God is faithfully helping me through each day - He IS faithful! Some days are more tears than anything but I'm learning to smile more and laugh some too. My kids have definitely been a conduit to God's ministering love and keeping me distracted from dwelling in the low spots. God is good ALL the time, even when my feelings don't seem to cooperate. Thanks again for your beautiful encouragement and sharing your heart in your blogs - it's a big encouragement for me.

Runningmama said...

"a trail that is shaded by the trees, filled with His breath of wind and the beauty of the journey." That is stunningly written.

You are precious. Love that header picture!