Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 13, 30 Day Challenge

Frappucino-200 Calories

Chicken Enchilada, Spinach Enchilada-420 Cal
Half Rice and Beans-200 Cal
2 Corn Tortillas-100 Calories
12 Chips with Salsa-138 Calories

Brown Rice-164 Calories
Mixed Asian Veggies-25 Calories
Chicken and Shrimp in Bourbon Sauce-200 Calories

½ Cup Ice Cream-190 Calories
Total=1637 Calories

Calories within 1400-1600 Calories-pretty dang close~

Exercise-None, we had family in town, aside from walking back and forth at the SNU Campus for Clint's graduation!

8 Waters a Day-Yes!

No Snacking after 8:30PM-Yes!

Bedtime by 10:30PM-No, I started reading and lost track of time!

Food Journal-Yes!

Overall a much better Saturday than last weekend. Just one or two smarter choices would have made it even better but overall I was pleased.

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