Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge

I weighed in this morning for a sneaky peek ( I am officially weighing in on Sunday mornings) and I have lost 3.4 pounds this week. It was just the boost I needed to plan out todays meals and calories and to get my workout in while the Monkey is at Grammy's house...yay!

In other exciting news, I am getting a bodybugg for Mothers Day! I am super excited, it will be a great way for me to be accountable to exercise and activity, something that I struggle with that I KNOW contributes to my weight issues. The main time frame when I gained weight was after I stopped dancing 15 hours a week, I ate the same and moved a lot less and it caught up with me, quickly. If you have not heard of the body bugg you can check it out here

This is what the contestants wear on The Biggest Loser to track all calories burned...even when you are just sitting around. To lose weight it is just math (as Barb from BABES says) you have to burn more calories than you take in. The bodybugg will help me do that and know exactly how much I need to take in versus burn. It was between a Wii Fit and the Body Bugg and Rob and I both felt like the Wii Fit would become a novelty in just a few months so we went with the body bugg. And no we are not paying full price, we found it on sale and I am getting an unexpected bonus next week. Most of it will go back into savings but Rob was so sweet to be sure that I got something great for my hard work and for Mothers Day!

Food Journal
1 Cup Cereal-160 Calories
3/4 Cup Milk-90 Calories
Breakfast-250 Calories
Plus a Water

Snack-String Cheese-80 Calories
3 Cubes Beer Bread-50

1 cup whole wheat couscous-230 Cal
1 Cup Homemade Soup-135 Calories
Pepperjack Cheese Slice-70 Cal

Snack-100 Cal Popcorn

Beef Stroganoff-381 Calories
Lettuce-8 Calories (cup)
Cheese-110 Cal
Ranch-145 Cal

24 Chips-140 Cal
Salsa-20 Cal
Fat Free Cream Cheese-55 Cal

Water (1) After Exercise

Total Calories-1784 HOLY CRAP, this is why I cannot eat and then log, I truly have to plan out my food and stick to it.

Exercise- Day Three, Level One of Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred
Accomplished- YES. And I cleaned the house and gave two giant dogs baths so I probably burned some extra, good thing since I ate everything in sight!

Daily Waters-8 a day
Accomplished- Yes!

No Snacks after 8:30PM- Yes

Accomplished- YES~

Food Journal
Accomplished-Yes maaam! Even though it sucks to put down how badly I ate I feel so much better being honest and accountable, even to myself!

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Jen said...

keep up the good work! you are doing awesome. I hope you love the body bugg as much as I do.