Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!


The link above is my Birthday post from last year...man time has truly flown by and I am so happy that this year is different than last.

Last year I was in the midst of our deployment, also known as, the hardest year of my life.
This year my husband kissed me good morning and wished me a Happy Birthday and no talk of deployments has been brought up of late.

Last year I worked 14 hours the weekend before my birthday executing my friend Sally's wedding.
This year Sally is pregnant and I relaxed all weekend long.

Last year Max was a chunky monkey who couldn't walk, couldn't talk and did not sleep for anything.
This year Max is a lean mean toddler machine, who ran circles around me this morning, demanded milk and elmo, wished me a "happy" but no birthday and slept from 8:30PM-6:30 AM. Can I get an Amen?

Last year I sat in M's nursery and sobbed my heart out to God, questioned His plan for us, and begged to know WHY.
This year I praised His grace, infinite mercy, understanding and forethought as I listened to music in the car.

Last year I was broken but healing.
This year I am healed, drawn closer, learning, changing, and constantly in awe of everything He has worked together for good.

Last year I was 28 pounds heavier.
This year I am 28 pounds lighter.

Last year I didn't know if I would make it to October.
This year I am cherishing the days until my baby turns two.

Last year Rob missed my 8th birthday in the nine years we had been together.
This year Rob is here with me for the 2nd time in 10 years, on my birthday!

Last year I figured out who God really is and how much He loves me.
This year I know who God is and how much I love Him.

This year is better than last year. And I hope it just gets better and better.


it's me, just me, nothing fancy, just simple me said...

i can't believe i missed your birthday! happy belated birthday and happy early birthday!

it's amazing how much we accomplished in one year. i was looking through some pictures the other day with cayman from last year and just seeing his reaction to himself was priceless. and to see 'where' we were was amazing to know that not only did we overcome a great difficulty and challenge God gave us, but we came out better, stronger and more in love with God. keep inspiring us year in and year out

Tardibonos said...

I love this birthday post! It's good to remember, reflect, rejoice, and enter into a new year of life with a heart of thanksgiving and an attitude of praise. I'm always so incredibly encouraged by your posts. Thank you JC!