Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wife, mother, wannabe writer and follower of Christ. I am Jesi and I am a Military Mommy. Like you I have spent many nights alone figuring out motherhood while my husband defended our country. My story is probably much like yours. My husband Rob was deployed to Iraq when our first son was just 10 days old. He returned to celebrate Max's first birthday.

I have cried countless tears and laughed out loud at my plight. I have found comfort in my relationship with Christ and have been called to share that comfort with you.

No one understands the joy and pain of being a military mommy unless they have been one themselves. I hope that you will find this blog an inspiration to you as you find solace knowing that you are not alone. Commiserate with me as I share my heart and some dang funny moments as we travel this road together.

We are Military Mommy's and we can do it.