Thursday, June 18, 2009

I don't want to go through the motions

Today was quite the day and I am so glad to finally have everything decided and out on the table.

Several months ago on a whim I contacted my previous Director and VSA and told him that it might be a possibility for me to work part time. Over the past year and with great thanks to God and Dave Ramsey Rob and I have been blessed to pay off a lot of debt and totally streamline our budget.

With the addition of my Tastefully Simple income it finally came to a point where working part time might be a possibility.

Well time went on and I pushed it out of my head and then Daniel contacted me, asking if I was seriously interested. Interested? YES! Scared out of my mind, YES!
I have been working full time as an Event Coordinator for the past 4 years with the same company. I have had my more than fair share of ups and downs, a truly insane boss, a truly great boss, frustration with coworkers, and some of the greatest coworkers ever. Awesome events and horrid events. I got to meet Giada from the food network and I catered a party for Jane Seymour in the Ritz of Nichols Hills. I stayed at work till 5:30AM with the crazies of the city. I made great money, I made no money. I loved my job, I hated my job. I sat at one of the finest restaurants in Dallas and took part in a dinner that cost as much as my house payment and I sat in the kitchen of a million dollar home, 9 months pregnant and washed crystal plates! I delivered lunch to CEO’s and I coordinated a party for 400 guests. I’ve worked 2 hour days thanks to a sick baby and I have worked 16 hour days. It has been a crazy ride but one that I don’t regret.

Somewhere in the past year God has worked on my heart to be home with Max. NOTHING pulls on your heartstrings like your baby telling you, No Sshcoo when he would rather be home with mommy.

So when Daniel offered me the job, Rob and I sat down and took a hard look at our finances. We pinched, planned, prioritized and preened our budget and we decided that it was doable. Thanks to one of gods greatest gifts (excel) we realized that it was doable. Would it be tight? Yes. Would it be scary? Yes. Would it be completely awesome? Yes.

I told my good friend that if we took the leap, it would be a huge exercise in trust, faith and discipline and she reminded me that those are characteristics of Christ. He doesn’t call us to live a life like everyone else, He calls us to live a life unlike others that we may be a witness to His Glory, His Provisions, His Mercy and well, Just HIM.

So with that mantra held dear to my heart and Proverbs 3: 5-6 echoing in my head we are taking the steps of obedience that we feel He has called us to. I put in 6 weeks notice with my job so that they have an adequate amount of time to interview/train/hire my replacement. We worked our keyboard to the bone etching out a budget for the next 6 months. We make the decision between an easy pizza and another 10 bucks in savings. We are learning, we are growing, we are trusting, we are stretching.

Are we fearful? Yes.
But we are assured that God will provide for our family and bring great blessings out of this situation. I will be home with Max all throughout the week. Rob will return to school. I will return to my talent and a ministry where I feel truly at home. And we will remain at peace because He is Good.

Proverbs 3: 5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Song of the Day
The Motions by Matthew West


it's me, just me, nothing fancy, just simple me said...

i am so excited for y'all! yeah for getting to raise max yourself at home! and yeah for being an shining example of what trusting in God really means. i know you three will do well and continue to inspire us to be more like Christ.

Jess said...

love you jackie!