Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oooooohhh exciting!

I got some fun news. I might be able to try out Grobaby cloth diapers. These are TOO cool because they combine the easiest and best parts of cloth diapers. An outer shell is washable and reusable like a cloth diaper but their NEW Bio Soakers are disposable inserts that go inside the diaper with adhesive tabs. This is just like a disposable because you don't have to wash the YUCK part of diapers! Just take out the dirty insert and toss it. Then you put in a new Bio Soaker and you are good to go.

The is offering bloggers the chance to try the system for FREE so hopefully I will get a chance. I haven't gotten to try out Grobaby's yet but I have heard great things about them from friends. And we know I am all about a deal!

The Bio Soakers come in a box of 50 for $19.99. They come in 2 sizes and appear to have elastic like gathers along the sides. Just this week, GroBaby also started selling an Introductory Package that includes the box of 50 inserts and one vanilla shell. The introductory package is available for $34.95.

Grobaby's also come in fun colors like the green in the above picture and this yummy eggplant color. Pretty.

See how the inner shell works? Now if you still think I am crazy for the cloth diapering thing maybe these seem a little bit easier!



Codie R. Miller said...

I just think the price is can buy 216 pampers swaddlers for 43.00 and you don't have to wash anything and they don't leak. Much cheaper than $19.99/50...

Jess said...

Umm yes, I agree on these in particular! They are cool though, fun to review them!