Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Monday

Today Rob ended up coming home from work because he felt so sick. And he must be sick because he has been sleeping pretty much all day and that is just unlike him.

First off Max and I headed to the mall where we met up with our sweet friends Heather and her daughter Annika. Annika is just one month younger than Max and he LOVES her. He got so excited when I told him we were going to see Ms. Heather and Annika. We had lunch first and Max was SO good. I was so proud of him today. He actually ate his lunch and sat/entertained himself while Heather and I chatted. There for awhile I thought we might never eat out again bc Max was so challenging but today he proved that he really is growing up.

After we finished lunch we headed to the play area. Now I don't know what marketing brain decided to put a toy store RIGHT next to the play area but it's SUPER annoying to us moms. All your kids want to do is run OUT of the play area and into the toy store. I dread the toy store. But today Max was AWESOME. I told him ONE time if he left he would get a timeout and he didn't try again, not one single time. Who is this well behaved child and what did you do with Max?

After our playtime I wanted to walk around a bit so we just window shopped. Max wanted to walk so I let him out and he walked right next to me and listened so well! It was seriously one of his best days ever. He was so so good today and I was so proud to be his mama. I am so thankful that I get to experience these days with him. Even though we have our moments where we are both driving each other nuts I still like to look at him and remember that someday he will grow up and have a wife and kiddos and I won't get to kiss on him and snuggle him like my little boy. So even on the days he drives me bonkers I am trying to relish these moments enjoy each and every slobbery kiss and excited hug.

In Stella news I am really starting to feel pregnant aka heavy, short of breath and getting kicked in the ribs on  a regular basis. Today I got two packages for her in the mail that I had ordered and I loved them! My friend owns this shop and makes the cutest bows and accessories. She had an AWESOME sale so I bought Stella 14 bows and 2 headbands. Yes, FOURTEEN! And there were more I wanted, I restrained myself! Then my sweet friend added 2 bows to my order just because she is awesome and they were extra cute! My favorite are stacked bows with all different patterns and colors and one of my extras was a stacked bow with pink, green, brown and candy ribbon. It's adorable and sorta like this other stacked one I ordered.

After spending a wonderful day with Max I got to go teach at VSA tonight. I adore my kiddos in my dance classes. My tots are my favorite age because at 3&4 years old they still LOVE me and are so excited to come to dance class. I feel SO blessed to have the gift and talent from God to teach those babies. I love listening to their sweet prayer requests, rubbing away the hurt of bumped heads and laughing at their stories and comments. They truly bring brightness to my Mondays and I never dread going to work. There is something so special about teaching small kiddos and nothing blesses me more than hearing their parents say how much their kids love dance or how they missed it over the holidays. They are so fun and they make my job easy! Even with their 572 potty breaks in class.

It was a great Monday despite Rob being sick and he is already sleeping again so hopefully he will sleep the sick away!

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Codie R. Miller said...

yeah...sorry mine is one or two of those 572 potty breaks :) what can I say, she can't hold her pee!!!