Thursday, January 21, 2010

For His Glory

Can I just say that I LOVE my Womens Bible Study. It has seriously been exactly what I needed. I wish that my thoughts after each week were more cohesive. I know I blabber on and on and you probably don't even understand what I am trying to get at. But that's ok. It's really a work between me and Him and that is why I sit down to write it out. I want to remember and reflect on the things that He is revealing to me. And by golly this blog is where that's gonna happen.

I talked a little bit about it before but I have been really pressed on to focus on the mind games and all the head junk that go along with my struggles with a healthy body. Well when God opened that lovely door to this Bible Study He knew exactly where he was sending me.

I want to talk more about that but I first I want to talk about last week.

Let me be honest. It's been over a week since last weeks study and my brain is a little foggy. And that's ok because what I DO remember is probably one of the most important things that Natalie touched on.

God always ALWAYS always reveals HIS glory before He reveals his character.

What the heck does that mean?

Well in the Bible we read a lot of stories regarding the tabernacle in which He literally would bring down His glory before He would reveal WHO he WAS to those people. We're talking heavy clouds of glory or flames, or fires. Now that is some glory. Only after that would He let the people know who He was. A good God, a kind God, a God deserving of our praise. But first yall, He was sure to let us know exactly how glorious He is. Glory first-character second.

We don't get that these days. We don't see a cloud press down on the sky before God booms out who He is. But nothing has changed. God is in it for His Glory. We as his temple are here to proclaim HIS glory. Not our own. It's really not about us. It's not about our pride, our strengths, our struggles, our successes, our preferences, our comfort or discomfort. It's about bringing Glory to HIM.

I started thinking about how much our life has changed in the past year. We have made some BIG decisions as a family. Probably the biggest is that we decided that I would quit my job to stay at home with Max and return to VSA working part time. We prayed about it and thought about it and analyzed it and we finally decided that was the best thing for us. Well it has been. I love being home with Max. I love that we are being gifted with Stella and that it's welcome and wonderful because we don't have to fear spending two thousand dollars per month on childcare. I love that I get to snuggle with my baby boy in the mornings and that my house is fairing better and that I get to do things for Rob that I might not have done before. I love those things and I am so grateful that we sought God on that decision. That He led us to this place. That essentially He ok'd our plan and we have been blessed and provided for over and over again.

But it's not about US. It's not about any of that.

If God is truly interested in His glory then HE ALLOWED us to be in this situation because it brings more Glory to HIM.

What brings more glory to God? Our family having two working parents, me making a pretty good income with some cushy perks and a cool title but hating the day to day grind. OR me staying at home with our kiddos, pretty dang poor on paper yet ALWAYS provided for, ALWAYS blessed, everything ALWAYS working out in our favor. In which of those situations does the Glory fall to Him? From my opened eyes I feel like THAT is why I am staying at home. Yes I love Max and I love being at home and I love not dreading Monday mornings. But what I really love is people wondering how the heck we can swing it? How does that work? We have everything we need and often more. But if you looked at our income on paper you would probably laugh and think we are crazy. We KNOW that all things are provided for us because of our faithfulness to tithe and our belief in His provisions. So to people who do not understand those things our life NOW is a testimony to His faithfulness. Our life now reflects back to Him. Our life now doesn't always afford us the luxury of extra. But our life now ALWAY affords us the luxury of pointing the glory back to Him. And that's what He is all about. His Glory.

To God Alone be the Glory.

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