Friday, January 1, 2010


It's officially been over a decade since Rob and I met. Here are some of the highlights from the past ten years...

2000-Junior Year-dating DH, did our first Army seperation-10 weeks long, taught dance

2001-Sr. Year-got lots of scholarships-graduated HS taught dance

2002-in college having fun, taught dance at VSA, worked 3 jobs

2003-DH deployed to Afghanistan served as President of my sorority, taught dance-VSA

2004-DH deployed to Afghanistan served as President of my sorority, DH came home and proposed in November taught dance at VSA

2005-Rob's grandmother passes in January, graduated with BA in Marketing in May, unemployed 3 months, got "dream" job, got married in September, started job day after honeymoon, quit teaching dance

2006-promoted to GM/Lead Event Coordinator-worked myself into exhaustion, Kera Don got married and Savanah got married.

2007-got pg with Max in Jan, found out in March/April that DH would deploy around my due date, had Max, DH deployed to Iraq 10 days later, Julie got married

2008-survived deployment, had spiritual renewal/awakening, started writing my book, DH came home, started TS business

2009-quit job, promoted 3 times with TS, started working PT at VSA, sah with Max got pg with Stella, Max turns 2!

It's been quite the decade! Next post up, hopes and dreams for the next ten years.

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