Friday, January 1, 2010

Max's Big Boy Room

I was super duper sad to think about Max moving up to a big kid room. Mostly because I LOVED his nursery and I love my sleep. A big kid room meant adjusting to a new room and goodbye to the crib that contained my child, therefore forcing him to sleep. But when he climbed out we knew it was time. Plus with Stella on the way we needed to get the process over with.

It was roughhhhhhhhhhh. It took about 6 weeks and finally several nights of all out cry it out + an extra tall gate to make progress. Now Max cries for a few minutes refuses his bed and sleeps on a pallet by his gate with a booklight for company. We're making progress.

But why wouldn't he love his new room when it looks like this!

Big Boy Bed

Nightstand with his ano (piano) from Grandpa Claude and Grandma Mary. Max loves music hence the room theme and I think it's really special that he always loves gifts from my grandpa. Storage bin from Target.

Wall Art that I made from stuff around the house and guitar from Uppercase Living. My friend Lacey is my consultant and her sweet daughter Laynie is featured on my sidebar.

Closer look at the wall art I made. It spells out Maximus using a frame I had never used *it used to have a burgundy 6 frame mat* scrapbook paper, my corner punch and stickers.

All bedding from Target. I am so thankful for my moms help in pulling together this room. The only thing I bought in this pic are the jersey sheets *19.99*
My mom bought the bedding and Rockstar decal as a Christmas gift and picked up the throw pillows as a just because. Thanks Nana!

Decal from Hobby Lobby

Throw pillows from Target. The great thing is they are affordable and the covers can be unzipped and easily washed! I spiced up the orange ones with fabric I bought on super clearance at Hobby Lobby. No sew! Just wrap a long peice of fabric like you are wrapping a present and tie the back in a knot.

See! I love this easy cheap touch!

Isn't it cute all together?

Max loves his new bed and guitar wall art!

Our cute rockstar boy

Opposite wall is this bookshelf and stick on chalkboard. Chalkboard is Uppercase Living! Check out Laceys website HERE

Scrapbook Stickers make toy sorting and seperating easy and cute.
All storage from Target.

Despite his awesome new room Max still prefers to sleep here...

Cuddled up at the gate with his booklight and Toy Story Grab n Go pillow and blanket. Great gift for any toddler!

All we have left to do is get a chest of drawers to replace the computer armoire in the room and eventually we will raise the bed with a box spring. I also want to finish the bed with an upholstered headboard.



Jen said...

so cute!!! Such a lucky little boy!

Roshan said...

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Melissa said...

His room is really cute!! And he looks like he loves it.

Jessica said...

Good job on his room. Love the bedding...I may have to steal that idea when Briggs is older :)