Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sometimes it seems like there are too many hurts.

I am not talking about anything having to do with me or my family.

But sometimes when you look around it's just so easy to see how much we are surrounded by hurting people. Some of those people have a faith that can move mountains. That inspires you to move bolder, with more purpose and with more respect for the things that don't hurt.

Like her.

Sweet Laynie.

My friend Lacey had this sweet baby girl almost 2 years ago now. Laynie's story is a long one but one SO worth telling. Let's just say that she is a miracle of God's faithfulness. Her life and her story have changed others.

Then there my friend H.

Her husband is deployed. She is here with her sweet daughter who is just a month younger than Max. She inspires me everyday. Her honesty, her love, her parenting, her survival instincts. She's a strong one. It pains me to think about her not living near me...but that's the life of a military family.

What about the girl I have never met but I think of as a friend?
Her son is in the hospital right now with a really ugly case of bacterial pneumonia. It's hurting her heart to see him struggling for breath. Despite the doctors thinking he will be ok. She is hurting and it makes me hurt too.

The person struggling to conceive a child.
The pain that I don't have to understand. My heart aches for them.

The lady living in Holland. Her life forever changed by the "special needs" of her little boy. His smile lights up her world and her strength makes me feel weak.

The family who lost a mother just a few weeks ago. 4 kids courageously stepping up to the plate to make sure that things get taken care of. A friend who goes out of her way to help them. A simple pick up that makes all the difference.

Two little boys who lost their dog. Understanding death for the first time. Losing pets, another life experience that squeezes your heart.

The lady on the side of the road. Tonight I drove past her. Sat in my car and wondered what her story was. Is she really homeless? Is she really hurting? To be honest I am not entirely sure.

It's hard to see the people around us hurting. To remember that we live in a lost and fallen world. To find faith and victory, reassurance and hope amongst the pain.
Sometimes it's hard.

"Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you. So we say with confidence, The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid."
Hebrews 13:5-6

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