Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy Pelvic Pain

I like to think of myself as a low maintenance OB patient. I mean this is my 2nd go round. And heck, even with my pregnancy with Max I prided myself on not being "That Patient". You know the one, the nurses have memorized her number on the caller ID and they SIGHHHHHHHHHHH before they pick up and answer her 477th question. Yeah that one.

I was not that patient! After all, I love to read so I read just about every pregnancy book out there. And these were the days of 2 full time incomes and no children. Heck I sat in B&N and read entire books with all my spare time. SIGHHHHHHHHHH, where did that time go?

ANYWAYS, there were TWO times I called my dr. when I was pregnant with Max.

Situation A) I was spotting in the first trimester and yes it was red and yes I sort of freaked out. After a 4 hour evening spent at the ER we got to see baby and were reassured that all was well.

Situation B) After working approximately 50ish hours at my previous life of torture, ahem, I mean my old job I got sick. Like exhausted, very very achy, feverish and couldn't hold my head up at work. Rob was out of town for pre-deployment training and my parents were out of town somewhere. I came home and felt like death. I called the office, which was closed and by the time the nurse called me back I had vomited and was crying. She told me to wait it out OR I could go to the 5th floor of L&D if I felt it was neccesary. Hello, 3rd trimester vomiting and flu symptoms? Yes I went, thankfully my MIL was able to meet me and hold my hair back as I repeatedly was sick AND got stabbed like 7 times before they got an IV into my hand just under my thumb. I was severely dehydrated and exhausted. My hours at the torture chamber were quickly shut down to 8 hours per shift, no more than 40 hours per week. Oh wait, thats what people work at normal jobs? Ahem, note this was my PREVIOUS as in no longer employed at the torture chamber job. Amen.

SO when I say I am low maintenance I mean it. I only call if I feel like death or have a genuine concern about the health of baby. We have a new doctor this go round, we will call him Dr. Slinky. Well Dr. Slinky loves me. I mean after all I am in and out in 12-14 minutes flat. Heartbeat good, chart good, weight gain is totally under control, urine is cleared, measuring on track, oh your 2 year old is climbing on the rolling stool about to bust his head open, Yep! You are good to go Jessica, see ya in a month! I like Dr. Slinky too.

So a few weeks ago after I FINALLY stopped wretching violently at everything and anything lil Baby Stella decided to bring on the pelvic torture. I don't know if she is laying horizontally doing the breaststroke in there or what but my hips have been in pain since the beginning. No big deal, I am a former dancer, I am sure my hips are jacked up in some way, I mean they hurt on a regular basis. BUT the pelvic pain is way more torturous than ANYTHING I encountered with Max. What I mean to say is that it doesn't hurt when I sit with my feet elevated. Which is awesome. Except for the fact that is hurts VIOLENTLY when I stand, walk, put pants on, teach dance, tap, lay down and the worst is when I attempt to change positions in bed. I found myself biting my pillow last night. And at 30 weeks pregnant I am just saying it was definitely because of pain, ahem, if you know what I mean. I mean if you know what I mean it was not because of. Umm my mom reads this blog.

Yeah so now comes the dilemna. Do I call or not call? I mean this would be my first call to Dr. Slinky's office. Def not enough to make me "that patient". But I am 30 weeks pregnant. So when people ask how I feel and I say, "oh ya know I feel like my pelvis is broken and I would prefer to rip it out of my body at this point" in turn they reply "Oh yeah, well you are at that point, I'm sure it's normal"

AHHhhhhhhh Normal is NOT wanting to singlehandedly rip out your pelvis people. I have a fairly high pain tolerance *I think*. I have had a baby before. I have been at "that point" before and I most certainly could function without this ridiculous penguin waddle I have mastered that semi helps the pain of moving.

Thank the good Lord I am not still working at the torture chamber. I mean sure, I have my own personal backstroke champion rendering my pelvis completely useless. But even though it hurts like crazy, nothing about Stella Katherine is torture, well unless she decides to not sleep for the first 10 months of her some other little adorable child I know, cough cough, maximusowen.

Holy Pelvis Pain.

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