Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pregnancy LOVE

No I don't LOVE being pregnant, I am just not one of those people. I mean I kinda envy those people who are all glowy and beautiful and full of joy when they are growing babies. I just kinda survive pregnancy. I don't hate it because I fully realize the enormous amazingness that is the bodies capability to grow and sustain life. I don't love it because I feel like a house, like someone who walked up and kicked me really super duper hard right between the legs and I just feel blah.

BUT I do LOVE the following....

Gap Whisper Thin Turtleneck. This NON Maternity shirt is super soft, super thin and super comfy. I got mine at the Gap Outlet for $2.99 since it is a Fall 2008 product and no longer in stores. Mine is a plum stripe which I love for some color and it is PLENTY long enough to cover my 29 week belly. Love.

Motherhood Secret Fit BootCut Jeans
Just $25 these jeans are a steal. They are affordable, comfortable and the panel is so tight yet stretchy these stay up without constant tugging. The panel is thin and comfy, no need to fold it down or worry about it showing through your shirts. It also comes in a light tan for your lighter shirts. The length is perfect for my 5'6 frame and the wash is a nice medium color. LOVE.

Motherhood Foldover Briefs
Super soft and just $13 for a 3 pack, theycan go over your bump or you can fold them down, best of both worlds and amazingly comfortable. Totally worth the money for your comfort. Love.



Kathryn said...

Ah yes, I so agree with you on the pregnancy thing. Sometimes I really like being pregnant and other times it's not so fun. Love that sweater!

Christian Mommy Writer said...

I was pregnant during the winter time in Florida, so I lucked out pretty good. :-)

The funny thing is that I didn't realize until my pregnancy was almost over that I didn't have to buy maternity clothes, just get larger sizes.

Have a great day!