Monday, February 1, 2010

Something FUN

Is it just me or has it been heavy around these parts? I know it has but God is doing a work in us and I love recording it here. There is something really heart wrenching about writing things out and something really refreshing about being able to go back and read it later. This blog is such a testimony to me of His faithfulness. I love to read back through my own archives and see struggles that have now become celebrations.

BUT in order to not scare off the general population I wanted to share a fun project that I am starting soon!

It's a kitchen remodel!

No not my real kitchen. I did just paint my dining room with the help of my sweet mama and if finances allow we desperately need to put up a backsplash. We left the backsplash blank when we built this house because we didn't like what they wanted to do. This is what we have planned though...

We really need to do the backsplash so that we don't ruin the walls under our cabinets with kitchen wear and tear. But ummm yeah that's not my FUN project.
Back to the FUN!

I plan to turn this

into a Play Kitchen! I know I am crazy right? No really I just thrifty *aka cheap*! I have really wanted to get a wooden play kitchen for our kiddos but they are expensive! Max LOVES to cook and he cooks with me daily. I am sure Stella will follow but I am NOT spending $200+ on a wooden play kitchen. So Fun February Project it is. This was my inspiration.
turned into this

By the Lovely and talented Sutton Grace

Here is my plan

*painting it brick red and leaving the doors on so when it is closed it looks like a piece of furniture
*The tiny shelf up top is being moved down and turned into the microwave.
*The computer cutout in the back is going to be turned into a window with curtains that I am making.

*Side shelves are being cut out.
*Where the computer is sitting we are installing a sink!
*And next to the sink we will do a toaster or coffeepot with a clock above.
*The side wall will have some hooks for holding potholders/etc.
*We are going to move the slide out keyboard holder DOWN so that it clears the bottom of the sink and    make that the "stovetop" with fake burners and knobs.
*Where the printer is setting I am going to screw down a silverware drawer divider for utensils.
*The bottom will be left the same but I am going to make a curtain bottom to cover the storage areas.
*We will put some bins/baskets down there for play food and accessories.
*The inside of one door will have a magnet board with alphabet letters and kitschy magnets.
*The inside of the other door is going to have hooks for Max and Stella's aprons and a Menu Board most likely.
*I am also going to use scrapbook paper or wrapping paper all along the back wall to add contrast and look like wallpaper. I will prob modgepodge it down.

I plan to do everything under $50 because I am getting a lot of stuff from the dollar tree or from around the house. The sink will be the most expensive thing and yall know that Rob works for Lowes so we should be able to find one for cheap. I am super excited and I can't wait to show you the finished project! So that's it, my FUN February project!



Julie the Army Wife said...

That is amazing! What a great project!!!

Kathryn said...

Wow good luck with your redecorating!! Hope it turns out exactly how you want it!

CaneWife said...

I am in awe. I cannot WAIT to see the end result! I bet it's going to be fabulous and a half. Good luck!

Jesi said...

Weeee! Rob just told me they are resetting all the sinks at Lowes next week so he is going to get one for cheap then! What luck!