Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Showers bring May Flowers

But I like April Flowers too!

I wanted to post about Stella's showers, one in late March and the second in April. Our flower is due May 7th but I am beyond A-OK if she decides to be an April baby instead. After all diamonds ARE a girls best friend and the birthstone of April. The only tricky part would be WHO she ended up sharing a birthday with! Both Rob and I were incredibly close to our grandmothers who have since passed away and they both had April birthdays. My DAD's birthday is also at the end of April but I don't think he would mind sharing his birthday with a very special little girl.

Back to the "April Showers"

My first shower for Stella was planned for March 20th. Some of my good friends were hosting it together and we all have crazy schedules and this was the one day that worked for everyone. So of course lovely Oklahoma had to have a BLIZZARD. Yes at the end of March. I know that might be the norm for northern states but on Friday of that weekend it was 70 degrees and sunny. Saturday morning we woke up to blowing snow, terrible roads and ice everywhere.

Needless to say it was a BIT stressful when my phone started blowing up with all the people telling me they couldn't make it because of the roads. But alas we decided to keep the shower on because there just wasn't another date that would work for us all. And it ended up going perfectly! My friends and family are so wonderful and we are so blessed to be surrounded by them. Stella Katherine or SK as I like to call her, has so many strong, smart, funny, women of God in her life to look up to as role models and that makes my heart sing.

The gorgeous sign that says Stella Kate over the fireplace. My amazingly talented friend Elizabeth made it, she was one of the hostesses but her and her hubs were out of the country because they are awesome travelers like that!

The beautiful food table. My sweet friend Summer made that cake and it was SO good. Coconut cake! We also had bruschetta, spinach artichoke dip, baguette, fettucini alfredo, mini cupcakes, fruit kabobs and this awesome spinach and fruit salad that my sweet momma makes with balsamic dressing. It's one of my favorites and I ate two plates of it. LOL!

Me and my gorgeous momma. I love her and she is going to be an amazing Nana to Stella. My grandmother and I were very close and sadly she passed away after a fight with cancer when I was in 6th grade. There is an incredible bond and love that exists between my Grandma Marcie, my Mom and me even though she is gone. I cannot wait to share that with Stella.


This is my precious sister in law. Auntie D or D as Max calls her. I am super proud of who she is becoming in Christ and love her like a true sister.

Rob's Mom and Sister. Grammy Pooh and D as the kiddos call them.

My stepmom Julia. She is always a rock of faith and I love her dearly. Grandma JuJu is her given name from Max and I know Stella will love her just as much as he does.

My nearest and dearest, this is my best friend Savanah. We have been blessed to be friends 15 years this year!! Savanah was incredibly instrumental in helping me become the woman I am in God and I STILL to this day call her first when I need advice or I hit crisis mode. No one else shows such care for me and unconditional open love. I adore her!

Again with my crazy talented friend Elizabeth. She made this for SK's room and I LOVE it! Isn't she amazing!

These are my gorgeous friends who hosted the shower for me. Amazingly I met all these lovely ladies in college and we are sorority sisters. But I am so thankful we are more than that and our friendship has continued and developed past those silly college days. Kera Don, Summer (aka Catherine Summer being the confirmation for SK's middle name to be Katherine) and Kalee. I love these gals!

My bestest military mommy friend. We understand eachother in a way that most people will never understand! I am so thrilled that her husband will be home soon but I am dreadfully sad about them moving. Dang Army!

These hilarious ladies are my friend Codie who I refer to as my twin and her momma Kim. They filled the shower with laughter. I love them!

I think it's funny that I am red faced and sweaty at this lovely shower. In the middle of a blizzard! What can I do but blame it on the pregnancy hormones?!

Then just this past weekend we had another shower at the dance studio that I work at/teach at. My boss's wife is having their 3rd and much prayed for child and so the moms at dance threw us a small joint shower. It was super cute and all our dance kiddos and parents blessed us with many gifts, gift cards and clothes for the new babies. We cannot wait to meet baby Dominic and it's been really fun to commiserate with Katrina on the woes of motherhood and pregnancy. She is incredibly wise but also super sweet and I loved getting to celebrate with her.

So those are the April Showers, May flowers are great and all but I'm perfectly open to SK showing up early and claiming a diamond as her birthstone. I'm just sayin!


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Looks like you all had a great time. The decorations were very pretty!