Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catch Up!

Time to play catch up on the past crazy weeks! So let's dive in, Rob left when Stella was 2 weeks old for a month of training. We were home on our own for the weekend and then my stepmom came up for a week to keep us company. She was a HUGE help and she entertained Max and helped so much. That was also the week of strep/ambulance/head injury in my previous post. Yikes! What a week! Thankfully Max recovered just fine and just talks about the ambulance and firetruck as the lasting memory from the experience. It was also Stella's 2 week appointment where she was essentially the same as birth! She weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces, 20 inches long and was 50th percentile on everything!
The next Monday I started back teaching my tots dance classes because we had a show coming up! Stella did great in my classes and my little girls were quite enamored with her. The week seemed to fly by and I barely remember it. That weekend Rob drove home from his first two weeks of training and was home with use for about 36 hours before leaving again for the next two weeks. Somewhere in there I dropped an entire glass of apple juice on my camera and end table and now it is broken, BOO!

And then it was SHOW WEEK! What a week it was! Monday was Memorial Day so we were off for the day. On Tuesday morning I woke up to find that my boss and his wife were having a baby, that day! Dominic came into the world just before noon and was healthy and handsome! My coworker and I were on our own for the evening of tech rehearsal and tried to get as much as we could done. It was an 11AM-10:30PM kinda day!

Wednesday we had off and it was good to get a break midweek to hang out with Max because it wouldn't last long. We headed to the YMCA and got signed up for a family membership again. It is another bill on an already tight budget but I know our health is invaluable and operation lose the baby weight has to start. Well actually I already lost the 20 pounds I gained during my pregnancy, now I need to lose the rest. Since the Y offers childcare and lots of classes, swimming, lessons, sports and multiple locations it seems to be a smart investment. Then we went and met our friends for a treat before getting home in time for the two kid bedtime shuffle.

Thursday was our longest day of work and rehearsals. We got there at 10AM and didn't leave until 11:15PM! It was craziness. My amazing friend Heather watched Max during the day and then my mom took both kids in the evening. By the time I picked up the kids, drove home, got Max settled, then fed Stella and myself it was 1:30AM. Insanity. Friday we got a break and didn't come in until after noon and were out and done by 10:30PM again. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things. Finally Saturday was SHOW DAY! We are so blessed to have an AMAZING dance studio, teachers, director, students and parents. The quality of the show and the talent was phenomenal and my kids did awesome! I was so proud of them and the progress they made over the year! I teach 3-4 year olds so they mature a lot over the course of a year. And my junior tap student won student of the year! She is the sweetest kid with the best heart and I was so proud of her. I cried when they announced that she won!
Here are some of my sweet kids!

Just one of my many favorites, I love this girl and her sweet parents! She was a Student of the Year nomination as well, way to go Kaitlyn! This is her ready for Songbirds which was my tot ballet class. Isn't she gorgeous?

Kaitlyn and I ready for Lucifer and the Kittys, my tot tap class!

More kitty cats including a handsome stray cat who tends to be a scene stealer.

The show was awesome! Best of all Rob made it home on Friday night so he had both kids alllllllllll day Saturday on his own and did fantastically. I am so thankful that he is such a great dad. But by 11:30PM I was ready to go home and see my husband and my babies.

Sunday I woke up to a heavenly scene. My amazing husband took Max out of our room which he had invaded in the night and into the living room to let me sleep. Stella was being squirmy and squeaky in her sleeper so I picked her up and we laid down together in bed. We fell asleep and it was so sweet and peaceful. I didn't wake up until I started smelling coffee. and bacon. and then max jumped on the bed and screamed "IT's TIME FOR BREAKFAST, COME ON MAMA, IT's TIME TO WAKE UP!" My awesome husband let me sleep in, made breakfast and took kid duty. He rocks and it was an awesome early birthday treat since he will be gone this week. Thanks love!

Finally this afternoon we headed to the pool. Stella and Rob hung out in the shade and it was awesome outside, perfect temps, not too hot and a breeze from the water. Max and I played and played and it was the perfect ending to a VERY full and crazy past few weeks!

Til I get better at posting and don't have to do marathon catch ups!

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Jen said...

You are a super mom! I am tierd from just reading that!