Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Stella cannot catch a break

We are home, 12 hours later....we are home.

12 hours later...

Last night I got home from teaching and she woke up after napping most of the evening. Her skin looked gray and her eyes were sunken in and she just didn't look good to me at all. Thank you to my friend Joie for encouraging me to follow my mommy instincts even though she was taking fluids, soaking diapers (mostly with diarrhea versus urine) and her skin was holding a pinch. We went to the ER (Rob stayed here with Max) and at first they acted like I was being overparanoid in triage but still took us back after forever.

Dr. came in and hemmed hawed but decided to do one bag of fluids via IV and cath her to check her urine and check her blood. FOUR IV attempts later, blown vein, she pulled one out herself and the cath and we got a bag of fluids into her. Dr. came back and sure enough her test results showed that she really was dehydrated. After consulting with pedi they decided to keep us over night and keep pumping her full of fluids. So we did 2 more bags of fluids and finally got moved up to a real room. We were there from 5AM-11AM. They came in this morning and took blood again (again missing a vein and ending with a heel stick) and pedi came in pretty quick. Her test results came back that she was rehydrating well so we finally got sent home.
Don't mess around with dehydration. She took 3 bags plus 2 via an IV pump continuously in the real room and that was without showing the major symptoms...Trust your mommy instincts! I am SO glad I took her in instead of waiting. I knew she was getting bad in my gut. Anddddddddd 2ish hours of sleep for me and I am eating and passing out. Thanks for praying for her. Yall are the best.

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Andrews family said...

Scary! : ( Good job listening to your mommy-gut. Hope she's doing better.