Monday, April 11, 2011


Ohhhhhhhhhhh House Hunting. How I loathe thee. It's so not a 3 house process like they show on House Hunters HGTV version of life. If only we could look at 3 houses and then decide on our favorite, get it on our first offer and be done! Wouldn't that be grand!

We have debated back and forth on whether or not to start looking now or wait a few months after the twins are here. When we came across an amazing old house in a small town north of us we decided to go for it. Well we went for it too slowly because another buyer snatched it up with a quick offer. I was disappointed but considering it needed a lot of work and was a very old house we took it as a sign that maybe we were avoiding a choice that was just not right for our family. We know God  has our back, even in the details of life like where to live so we are trusting that the right house will come along.

In the meantime we are getting our house ready for market. It's a big job and I am currently very pregnant with twins :) Rob has been doing the big stuff like repairing our fence panel that was falling and I have been slowly doing the decluttering and cleaning.

As for the new house, we still haven't found one we LOVE that we feel is perfect for our family. We have a few specific things we are looking for and they don't all line up in every house but that's life! It's all about figuring out the compromise and determining what He thinks is best for us!

My list
Big Kitchen with nice cabinets...I admit it, I am a kitchen snob. While my current kitchen isn't perfect it has tons of storage, granite counters, an island with electrical and a walk in pantry. Stainless appliances and neutral colors. I love my kitchen and 70's fabulous kitchens make me run from houses fast! This is a space that I have to be able to see good "bones" because I know we can switch out a counter and paint the cabinets if needed!

Bigger shower. Our rent house before we built our current home had the tiniest shower EVER! We moved into this house and compromised for a slightly bigger version of tiny. We would really like a shower that you can actually move around in! I like a big bathtub too (considering we will soon be washing FOUR kids) but it's not a must have.

4 bedrooms-yep we need it. With a family of SIX we could have a 4 bedroom and still have at least 2 kids sharing a room. Sharing is fine but our 3 bedroom is currently feeling a little cramped!

More square footage-This is a biggie! There are so many 4 bedrooms in our price range that have the same square footage we have now. While it's tempting we need more room. Even if that means me having to look past the ugly kitchen and seeing the possibilities of more room.

Rob's other thing he would like is either a 3 car garage OR some sort of outside storage space to accomodate his tools and yard stuff. I would really like a bonus room or some sort of playroom to corral the kid clutter.

We are taking it house by house and seeing what God throws in our path. There is NOTHING wrong with our current house and it truly feels like our home so we are willing to wait it out and see what is truly best before we move.


In other news, I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with the twins and all is well! Stella's follow up for her heart murmur is May 17th with a pediatric cardiologist.

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Dear Jesi,
I've just discovered your blog and have been reading it with great interest. I'm a Christian Mom too, and just wanted to quickly let you know that you and your sweet little girl are in my prayers. God bless you; I know He cares about you affectionately and watchfully, and all will be well :)