Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cloth Diapering 3 under 2-Part Four---Cost Savings

Money, Money, Money...Moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Let's talk about saving money ladies! Cloth Diapers are where its at!

IF, IF you can control your spending. (there are a LOT of CUTE cloth diapers out there) You aren't an extreme couponer (they probably get their disposables for free) You make smart choices (there are a lot of expensive cloth diapers out there, please for the love of all that is holy remember that this is catching your kids poop, I'm just sayin)

For us, we spent about $500 on everything we needed to cloth diaper all 3 of our little ones. And we bought mostly new. We did get some of our newborn covers used bc they don't last long but all of our prefolds were knew as well as our liners, wetbag, detergent, accessories, thirsties covers, etc. My favorite local cloth diaper store, Green Bambino broke it down like this!

"Babies average 6-12 diaper changes per day. They'll go through more diapers daily as newborns and fewer as they get older. Let's assume the following:
8 changes per day x 30 cents per diaper x 365 days x 2.5 years = $2,190 for disposable diapers
Two and a half years is a fairly conservative estimate for how long toddlers will be in diapers and will vary depending on gender, firstborn child or younger sibling, etc. This number doesn't include the cost of wipes (about $500), rash creams, or the trash bags you'll need to get the diapers to the curb. It's reasonable to estimate a family will spend $1,000 on disposable diapers and other items for each year a child is in diapers.

Cloth diaper start up cost = $200-$500 (many diapers will last for multiple children)

SAVINGS over disposables = approximately $2000-$2500. This number increases if these cloth diapers are used for multiple children or if the cloth diapers are sold and part of the initial investment is recouped."

So if you go with the averages we are saving THOUSANDS of dollars by using cloth diapers. Is it worth dealing with poop? It is for me! But I am one cheap mama :)



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