Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twin Pictures

Don't you know that twin pics make you go all squishy baby voiced?

My friend Sarah is AMAZINGLY talented. She is starting up her photography business and took these pics of Jackson and Presley when they were just 5 days old. Aren't they gorgeous?

Sarah is seriously the baby whisperer. I have never met someone so calm, collected and easy with newborns. She is just PEACE. She can shush and lay her hand on them and just sit there calmly until they are ready. Photographing newborns is no easy task, its a hard job! But she obviously enjoys it because her work is the proof in the pudding.

Here are our little darlings.

Isn't she amazing?! Thank you Sarah! We are so thankful for your kindness and talent in documenting such a special time in our family!

Always,  Jesi

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