Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cloth Diapering 3 under 2-Part Two

Okie you know we are closet freaks who cloth diaper. I kid, I kid. Cloth Diapering does not make you a closet freak. It makes you a laundry freak.

Our stash of diapers is for 3 kids. Stella is 15 months old, Presley and Jackson are 2 months old at the time of this post. Max is still in a pullup at night but is otherwise potty trained. As I said in my previous post we use prefolds and covers.

The twins stash is sized for them and includes
OsoCozy Better Fit prefolds-purple edge
photo from osocozy

These are my favorite prefolds for small babies. Because...well they are small prefolds! So they don't cause a huge fluffy butt when you put them on. These are shorter than regular prefolds so they just fit better. Hence the name, better fits.

Imagine green edge prefolds from Nicki's Diapers-Size Small

These are a little bit bigger and bulkier than the OsoCozy's but they still work and the bonus is they work GREAT on Stella as well. I have 48 of these...enough to wash every 3 days or longer. But like I said I am now a laundry freak so I wash daily or every other day, by choice not by neccesity.

For Covers we LOVE our Thirsties Covers!

We have several sized Thirsties X-Smalls that worked great when we first started the twins (around 4 weeks) and several Thirsties Duo Wraps Size One. I definitely love them and prefer aplix for small babies!

We also have Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, again in Aplix (otherwise known in normal land as velcro). We like these as well and they fit great, no leaks.

Each twin has a cute newborn size Rump-a-Rooz cover. These would work great for a tiny baby. Jackson already outgrew his but he is a hoss :) Presley can still wear hers!

Now for Stella, we again use our Thirsties Covers and really like them! We have all velcro and YES she has hit the age where she can undo them. After one VERY poopy incident (literally) we realized that she HAS to wear snaps at naptime or bedtime. Both disposables and velcro cloth diapers come off too easy for Ms.Houdini. So we use our Econobums covers a lot and they are by far the best cheap cover out there in my opinion. I love mine. I can already snap them down and use them on the twins as well since they are a one-size cover.

Stella has some nicer prefolds from Thirsties that are the Duo Hemp Prefolds. I sort of splurged on them because they are a little bit more $ but they are SO soft and VERY absorbent. She has 18 of the prefolds and a ton of different covers but the twins will grow into those covers and use them as well!

Again we just fold the prefold into a trifold and lay it in the cover and then velcro on the baby. Shown below is an Osocozy red edge better fit which is one size higher than the purple edges we own!

I think I will make washing a seperate post since this is so long already!


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