Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cloth Diapering 3 under 2-Part One

One of the weirdest decisions we made when we found out we were having twins was the decision to cloth diaper. In fact people generally think we are bananas for even considering it. But let me tell you WHY we cloth diaper. We cloth diaper about 3/4 of the time because we are cheap. That's right folks, no green eco reasoning here. Let's just say being eco-friendly and "green" is not at the top of my priority list. And that's ok! Everyone makes decisions for different reasons and money was hands down the reason why we decided to cloth diaper Jackson and Presley.

While we were researching it we decided to first take the plunge with Stella. And honestly it's not that big of a deal if you pick out the TYPE of cloth diaper that really works best for you and your family! When Max was around a year old I tried out some cloth diapers with him and was not a fan. I was using pocket diapers, which are basically just like a disposable but there is an insert you stuff inside that is absorbent. Both the diaper and the insert are washable, not disposable. Not a fan of pocket diapers here! They are VERY popular and a great option for many but I hated stuffing them and you have to be fairly aware of HOW you wash them. Many of them have microfiber which is more prone to stink issues so that is why the wash routine is important.

When money was really tight I had a moment where I considered trying cloth diapering again. I knew I didn't want to try pockets again...I wanted something EASY, CHEAP and EASY TO WASH. That was most important to me. I talked to a few friends who cloth diapered their twins and a friend who actually owns a cloth diaper store online. After researching I decided to go with prefolds and covers.

Prefolds are old school diapers. The cotton kind you used to pin on and everything. Don't go buy gerber ones from Babies R Us though, they stink! Now its still a LOT different and easier than back in the day. Most of the time I do a trifold and put it in the cover. Its really that easy, you fold the prefold into 3'rds and lay it in the cover. Then the cover goes on just like a disposable. There are TONS of prefold options out there, sized, standard, bleached, unbleached, blah de blah. Since I am not a fan of a HUGE fluffy butt we went with sized prefolds and a variety of covers. Next up I will talk about the kind we decided to buy, cost savings and washing....yeah washing. I know you are wondering, what do you do about poop?

And on that awesome note, gotta go take care of some babies!

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