Friday, June 17, 2011

The Twins Arrival

In my last post I wrote about needing to be a better blogger so this is me playing catch up...

This is the the story of the birth of our twins! Presley Jane and Jackson Gage...

written on 06/08/2011
Yesterday went well for most of the day, just made slow and steady progress throughout the day. I was an 8.5 after I asked for all those good vibes to not stall out and all of sudden I was more than complete and my nurse was telling me not to cough or laugh too hard until we got in the O.R.

They got us set up in the O.R. for delivery just in case a c-section was needed for the 2nd baby out. Three easy pushes and Jackson Gage arrived at 6:40PM and was 6.4 and 20 inches long. He looks like a little old man and just like Max as a newborn! He was a 8 on his 1 min apgar and a 9 on his 5 min apgar.

Presley Jane was doing well, head down and they broke her water. I gave 1-2 pushes with her and suddenly she decided to flip HIGH breech and my dr. could not find her head at all. He was literally reaching up grasping around to find her and her cord prolapsed and started coming all the way out. He reached all the way up and grabbed her feet and pulled her out breech. she was grayish and not responding great right away but our doctor and nurse got her suctioned and rubbed up fast and she recovered fast and is doing great now! She had a 7 on her 1 min apgar but a 9 on her 5 min apgar.

Max and Stella got to meet them and were so sweet! Max LOVES Jackson and Stella was already trying to smack them in the face with her love pats!

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