Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny Moments with Max

"school" this week at home has been interesting to say the least.

One aspect of our preschool work is singing. This week I introduced Max to the song "This little light of mine" Sadly mama is NOT a singer because he told me that was a horrible song. He also started singing the words opposite, so he wants to hide his light under a basket and blow it out. Not thinking he learned the lesson with that song!

Since we are studying L I decided to get him a small pack of legos. This was the first time he got them and he was SO excited and telling me over and over again that 2 year olds can't have legos but 3 year olds can!

Workboxes! We went to Mardel to get workboxes to start using next week. After chasing Stella around the store, requiring help out of the store and trying to buckle everyone in, Stella locked me out! She locked me out of the car and was in the front seat pretending to drive. Thank you to our police department who sent out a very nice officer to help us. He rescued us for sure! Thankfully the air was running and she didn't drive off.

Max's weather predictions....

Just another week in crazy town!

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