Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning Board

I had a few people ask me about our learning board so I figured it would make a good post!

Here is our Learning Board

The reason I did this is because we have NO extra space in our house. I would love a room dedicated to play and learning but all our rooms are full. So I will show you how I have things organized for preschool at home.

You can see in this picture that we do preschool stuff on the kitchen table. And we like to learn in pajamas :)

Our Learning Board is just a trifold foam core board. I like the foam ones because they stay a little nicer than the cardboard ones. I think it was $4 at Hobby Lobby.

things I let my kids do when daddy is at work

This is the little nook next to our refrigerator...it houses supplies, craft stuff and games/puzzles. Basically most of the stuff we need. I do stash new games and puzzles in the linen closet because if Max sees them he wants them and I try to space stuff out.

This metal paper sorter is great for holding puzzles and our dry erase letter book.

This basket holds crayons, markers, glue, clothespins and clips, art supplies galore! We need more space for this stuff.

This crate is my planning box. I try to keep everything in it that I will use in our daily workboxes. It houses workbooks, all the letter of the week printables from our RRSP curriculum, flash cards, magnet letters, construction paper, my bible and my parenting devotional. Also my RRSP binder that I am compiling with Max's completed work!

The learning board components are SIMPLE!

They are just page protectors taped on with double sided tape. The weather strips and our calendar on the backside I got from the DOLLAR TREE! The printed materials are all from our Raising Rockstars Preschool curriculum!

Maybe someday we will have a playroom and a little more space. For now this gets the job done and makes it a little bit easier to keep an eye on the little ones since we are in the same space!



whippetmom said...

Love this! I am trying to do some preschool at home since we are moving in December and have been visiting DH while he's TDY, so DS isn't currently in preschool. You have great ideas!
(Ps. I'm afwife from MB)

Jesi said...

Hi! thank you! Everything is simple but fun :)