Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tithing and Praises

I have written about tithing a lot on here. We firmly believe in the tithe and I am so thankful that its one area where we have easily agreed. BUT you can still tithe and not be the best stewards of your finances. Rob and I noticed our spending was less than ideal over the summer so we decided to rein it back in. It's hard! We cut back several bills and severely cut our spending and it seems like things are REALLY really tight. I was worried about an outstanding check hitting our account this week. Just as I fretted and freaked and had a few tears, Rob reminded me that I AM NOT IN CONTROL. God HAS THIS. He is BIGGER than this. He WILL honor our tithes and offerings.

And bam, Rob checked the mail and there was a check that made up the difference for what we needed. Almost to the dot.

God is SO good. He won't ever leave us hanging.

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