Monday, November 7, 2011

{Maybe it's because I am tired}

That I think coffee is such a good way to be kind to others!

(day 7 of our month of thankfulness)

I didn't get to include the kiddos in todays activities but they were fun nonetheless. I had found a starbucks gift card with $20 on it and decided to put it to good use. We are having CRAZY weather here in Oklahoma, tornado warnings, hail, heavy rains, high winds and EARTHQUAKES. Yeah, in OKLAHOMA!

So on the way to work I got coffee for my coworker and my boss. I consider myself very blessed to work with awesome, fun, caring people and I just wanted to give them a little Happy :) I also decided at the last minute to buy the coffee for the guy behind me. It ended up taking awhile for my order (probably due to my boss's crazy order :)) so I hope it was a nice surprise to have his drink paid for when he pulled up. I know I get frustrated waiting in a slow drive through line!

Maybe when I get more sleep from the little ones I will get more creative in my kindess! Maybe!

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