Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello 2012

I can't seem to wrap my head around it being 2012! I keep writing 2011 on checks and looking at old calendars. Mommy-brain or denial?

Max will turn FIVE this year. Stella will be 2! The twins will have a first birthday bash! We are gaining another nephew this year. My parents moved 1000's of miles away. Our house is for sale. We will move to a new home this year! I want to garden and sew more and plan big kid rooms. We are fasting as Christ followers to give the first of our year to Him in spirit. Max will start pre-k this year! We hope to pay off our van, save more, spend less and give more. My best friend is getting married on my birthday! We are aiming to eat better healthier foods this year, less meat, less sugar and less processed foods. We want to work out and move more. We want to grow closer to God and learn more about Him. we want to lead our kids to become followers of Christ and model that life for them. We want to grow closer together and make our marriage a priority despite our brood of littles. We want to serve others and love people more. We want to be more like Him and less like everyone else.

We have great plans for the New Year but most of all we have great HOPE in Jesus! Thank you Lord for every blessing, every challenge, every gift, every sacrifice, everything you place in our path.

The C Family

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