Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Mommy

This little one is SUCH a Mommy...we call her Little Mama with the ways that she tries to mother Jackson and Presley. It's really sweet, sometimes funny and sometimes we have to remind her she is a sister and not a mama. This morning she told me to "Tay Tere Mommy" and she went and got in the pantry and got out the container of Animal Crackers. She came back and told me what she did "Amal Cracka Mommy" then proceeded to ask me if she could share with the twins.

Stella-"Pressey amal cracka mommy?"
Me-"Yes, give one to Presley"
Stella "Ok Mommy, hewe Pressey, amal cracka?"
Hands one to Presley...
Stella "Mommy, Jack Jack?"
Me-"Yes, Jack Jack can have one, give one to him"
Stella "Ok Mommy, hewe Ja-Ja, cookie"
Stella "Mommy, Pressey mah?"
Me "Yes Presley can have one more, give her one more"
Stella "Hewe Pressey, cookie"
Stella climbs onto chair with cookies
"Mommy, Mommy, my tookie?"
Me "Yes your cookies, your turn"
Stella climbs down and goes to check on Presley
"Pressey cookie? No No Pressey, ea cookie Pressey"
Stella comes over to me
"Wheeh Ja Ja cookie Mommy?"
Me "He's eating it, he's ok"
Stella "Ja Ja ok Mommy, Ja Ja mo cookie Mommy?"
Me "No he is ok, no more"
Stella climbs back into chair with cookies
"Mommy! My tookies Mommy, my turr Mommy"
Me "Yep, your turn Stella, eat your cookies"

Stella girl serves as a powerful reminder to me that I have two little girls watching me all the time. They will show me how I was as a mother when they really do become Mama's themselves. But for now, I just stay here and watch her dole out Animal Crackers for breakfast and smile with pride at being a big helper. I love that little mama!

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