Sunday, May 13, 2012


In that moment our first offer on the house did not work out I was not upset, I was relieved. And I can honestly say that I think God moves in our guts, we have those gut feelings and instincts FROM HIM. He will reveal himself to us. Be watchful of your emotional climate and ask Him what He is trying to tell you.

So our house was under contract with the 2nd offer and we learned the buyer was actually an investor. This simplified so many things for us and I can SEE that God was working. While a regular family would have been wonderful an investor was AWESOME. He was paying cash, so we had no worries about financing, appraisals or hold ups. He was paying cash so he was willing to work with us on a closing date. He was buying the property as an investment so when our inspection only revealed a few MINOR issues he didn't even ask for repairs. Life was so much easier on the selling end all because we waited and a BETTER offer came along.

We had 45 days to find a house and so we started with financing. And then ONCE AGAIN we were dealt a card that we were not expecting. And at this point I cried out to God and rebuked Satan in Jesus name from this entire process. Because nothing short of the enemy was trying to thwart God's plans for our family. We are CONFIDENT that something bigger, better, something RIGHT was coming and the enemy was seeking to lie, kill and destroy, whatever it took to stop us in our tracks.

When pulling our credit scores (which I had JUST checked about a week prior and they were great) our lender found that Bank of America had reported our mortgage payment late for March and April. Anyone buying in this post foreclosure market knows that no one is going to give you a house loan if you have mortgage lates, especially in the past TWO months. About 15 phone calls later we were NO closer to fixing the issue and after crying with Rob on the phone I was done. I had reached my limit and I had nothing to lose. I banged out a crazy long email detailing every which way the company had failed us as customers, a military family and refused to follow the SCRA. Then I sought help and found the email address for the CEO and the entire Board of Directors and I hit SEND. Then I went and posted on their facebook page and made sure to drop the words SCRA, Active Duty Military, and Media.

Within an hour we had a phone call. And within a day we had personal office numbers, emails, cell phone numbers and our problem on the way to being fixed. If only that was the last of the finance drama.

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