Saturday, May 12, 2012


March, April and May are proving to be the craziest months of the year. After our house being on the market for close to 4 months my husband got called up to head to Mississippi for demobilization of his Title 10 orders. He had also just had shoulder surgery and the week before that Stella had her heart repair. We knew that he would likely need to travel to do outprocessing but we were surprised that the day before he was supposed to return to work we got a call that he might be flying out the next day. Nothing like 18 hours notice that your husband will be gone for awhile.

Rob swore that he thought he would be home in a week or less. And a week or less passed by and he was still gone. One week after he left and our last price drop later the house showings were officially going crazy. We were showing the house every day, often times multiple times per day and were starting to get more and more second showings.

And then it happened, the LONG awaited offer. A couple had come and looked at our house twice and let us know to expect an offer soon. We waited in anticipation and suddenly, finally, we had our first offer on the house.

The offer that came in was good. Not great, but good. But they were asking for a laundry list of extras plus full closing costs and we just couldn't go any lower. We had our realtor let them know that our counteroffer was our FINAL offer. And yet they came back again with another counter. It was frustrating and I didn't feel a sense of peace about the offer at all. I felt like we were walking into a dark area if we went any lower and I was suddenly MORE upset with an offer on the table than we didn't have one at all.

Rob and I talked it over one more time and decided, final offer indeed meant FINAL OFFER. They declined our counter and once again we felt let down and disappointed. It was that day that I decided I wasn't going to wallow in disappointment, I was going to look forward to whatever God had planned because it was sure to be BETTER than what we were trying to force. That same day we got a low ball cash offer that was 15k under asking price.

We countered but we figured the buyer would walk, in fact I didn't really even think about it much after the counter offer because I was so sure they would just walk away. Two days later they countered back, accepted our offer but asked for appliances. It was a short 5 minute conversation and we said DEAL!

And just like that, even though it felt like the day would NEVER come we were under contract on the sale of our house...we had no house lined up, no refrigerator, washer or dryer but we had a contract. And just when things were looking up the big fat finance ball dropped.

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