Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This World is Not our Home

God has really been speaking to me this week..we closed on our house last Friday. And we don't close on our new house until this Friday. While we are very excited about it and we are feeling very hopeful that everything will go smoothly and great we are still in limbo. We jokingly said on Friday, We are Renters Again! It's been 5 years that we have owned a house and suddenly we don't. After months and months of stressing out about the worst case scenario and several big challenges that left us wondering if we would end up renting again it has been a thought provoking experience for me.

Saturday I was sitting on our back porch (we did a leaseback on our house for the week in between closings) watching Max, Stella and Jackson play outside in the water hose during the hot summer evening. Presley was inside napping and Rob was sitting inside watching some tv. The kids were running around screaming and laughing and spraying each other with the water hose and they were THRILLED. They didn't have on expensive swimsuits, an inground pool, a fancy water slide and they were running around in a backyard that we don't own anymore. And they didn't care one bit. Not one moment did they stop and think about how we didn't technically own this house anymore. This was still HOME because we were all together.

It really hit ME at that moment how much false security I have felt in owning our home. While I wouldn't thinkn TWICE about anyone else renting an apartment, a house, a trailer, a condo or shed for some reason I had wrapped so much of MYself up into owning our house, being scared of change, not knowing what might happen if we sold our house and took a leap of faith that God would be faithful. I can't explain that moment of peace. I just know that God was reminding me...this is NOT your home. This is temporary. This in unimportant. Look at your kids. They are HAPPY. They are HEALTHY. You are abundantly and overly blessed with what you have right at this moment.

We are praying for a smooth easy week with no issues. But no matter what happens I know that we are good. God is good. Life is good. And you don't need to own a house for all of that to be true.

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Anonymous said...

Refreshing to read this, Jesi! We are selling, buying, moving right now and I am sure we've experienced some similar anxieties! Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay (Cooper) Ross