Thursday, October 3, 2013

Writing Again...

I took a year off from blogging :)

Soooo much has happened and I had NO desire to write it down. But lately I have been having that tug to WRITE. Just to share the daily happenings and reflections of life, faith, motherhood, business. Maybe it's inspired by some good blogs lately.

I'm not really sure but here I am. Ready to write. Ready to share. Ready to bring some Glory to our God who is faithful. Whatever He prompts in my heart I ponder. Sometimes it makes sense, more often than not it doesn't! But that's ok..I am learning to recognize that Holy Spirit prompting and be obedient. With SWIFTNESS!

We are in the middle of a little trial. Rob's job is classified as non essential so he is home right now until the politicians up there in D.C. decide to act like adults and compromise. In the mean time I am looking for areas to be thankful.

~Time with family
~Rest for my hardworking husband
~Reminders that God is so faithful
~Blessings from friends who care for our needs.
~Coffee brewed for me each morning
~An unexpected family night
~Confirmation from the Holy Spirit about how our future may look
~Drawing closer together

God is Good,


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