Friday, October 4, 2013


Today someone disappointed me. Well a few people. And my feelings were hurt. I felt that pang in my chest that made me stop and say, Why Me?

It really wasn't MEANT to be personal but I took it personally. Well because I am a girl, sensitive, a people pleaser at heart and I want to be liked and accepted. Anyone else feel that way?

Thankful today that I am reading this book

I turned off my phone and Facebook and decided to read. This is what stuck out to me today. 
"Christ promises us that, beyond disappointment, something better awaits us. Some mission God designed just for us, custom tailored---something that takes us not on a road to nowhere but to a place where we can FEED OTHERS JUST AS HE HAS FED US"


Disappointment stings. Other Christians will let us down. We will make mistakes and sin and hurt others, with intention or unintentionally. We are nothing but a group of messy, sensitive humans with hearts swimming around together in a broken world. 


God has a MISSION for you. And your mission is BEYOND disappointment. When you feel the sting of hurt and you want to wallow in it take a minute to look at the other persons motivation behind their action (or inaction) Are they scared? Hurting? Fearful? Stuck? Sometimes it helps you to think about why they act the way they do. Other times there isn't a reason and you still feel disappointed. BUT embrace the sting. Hug it close to your heart, pray and ask God to change your heart about it. He can. He will. It's worth it.

And remember you have to get beyond the disappointment to get to the mission He has set forth for you.

God is Good,

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