Sunday, October 6, 2013

Love a Mompreneur!

Have you heard that phrase yet? I keep seeing it pop up over and over again and I love it.

Mompreneur. A Mom. Running her own business is a Mompreneur.

Here is the deal. Mom's balance a LOT. No matter what. I am thankful I have a unique perspective as a mom who has been a full time working mom who worked outside the home 40+ hours a week AND as a Work at Home Mom. When Max was a baby I worked full time as an event coordinator and he went to daycare. The first 18 months we did pretty well, I love working. I loved Max. I loved his daycare. Eventually I stopped loving my job and God started changing my heart. My business at the time allowed me to jump back to a part time job and work part time from home. 4 years later I am still doing that. So like I said, we Mom's certainly know how to juggle. So mom's who juggle their own businesses on top of everything else, schools, kids, house cleaning, cooking, meal planning, doctors appointments, schedules, pets, travel, sick babies, church, friends, family, volunteering, well those Mom's rock.

What if this holiday season you supported another Mom and her business? Instead of browsing Wal-mart or Target or the mall (ugh who wants to go to the mall?) you looked around and supported a Mompreneur that you know? Your business MATTERS to us. You aren't just another customer to us, you are THE customer. Your business isn't a drop  in a giant bucket. Your business matters here.

Being a Mompreneur isn't easy but it's so worth it! So this year, look around and support your favorite Mompreneurs! I promise they appreciate you and your money isn't going into a corporate black hole. It's going to a family, christmas presents, new shoes, dinner on a table, piano lessons, dance shoes or a tank of gas. Go love a Mompreneur this year.

Here are some of my favorites :)
Adorable organizing supplies and planners

Stacey Sprague-Scentsy Consultant
Love their warmers and of course their Wax! Scentsy buddies make great gifts too!

Angi Fox-Martin-Grace Adele Consultant
I love their scarves. They are affordable and super cute! Packaged beautifully for gifts!

Tabetha Hulon-Thirty-One Gifts

Angela Allen-Origami Owl
Love their lockets, charms and coming soon, bracelets!

House of M
ADORABLE hats, bracelets, jewelry and more!

Stella and Dot
Amy Harkreader

Hand Stamped by Lorelei
Beautiful hand stamped keychains, jewelry, serving ware and ornaments!

Erryn's Little Bow-Tique
Too Cute hand made bows, tutus, tees!

Stampin Up with Andi
Stamps, Stationary and Scrapbooking!

Opal Alley Boutique
Adorable Trendy clothes for every mom!

Usbourne Books-Joie Linser
Amazing books for all ages of kiddos! GREAT gifts!

Pink Zebra-Amber Foote
Yummy sprinkles and more...

Print the Party
Custom plates, lunchboxes and party supplies!

Material Girl Designs
Handmade aprons, pillows, keychains, lanyards and more!

Sew Simple
Cutest pillows around! Love the boot forms!

Green Bambino
All your eco friendly baby and mommy needs here...

Modern Whimsy
Kellie now has accessories available at the Broadway Antique Market in downtown Edmond and I can't wait to see it!

Awesomely I probably left out a million people! But go Love a Mompreneur this year by supporting her business. I promise, it matters!


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