Sunday, October 13, 2013

I love my church.

Who else is obsessed with this song?

Church was so good this morning. Awesome worship. Having my mom and stepdad there beside us. Kiddos tucked safely in rooms playing, singing and learning about Jesus. My sweet nephew visiting with us.

This song relates to me so well right now. Things feel very uncertain financially. It's tough not really knowing if/when we will be getting a paycheck. And as two fiercely independent people who have worked since we were teens and rarely rarely have had to ask for help, it's a learning curve we aren't used to. But that's the glory of our Savior. He knows. He sees. He has it completely taken care of. After an awesome worship set the speaker was Robert Morris from Gateway Church speaking about Multiply...last week was about giving God the FIRST 10%. The FIRST.

This week was about how God MULTIPLIES our finances. Rob and I have seen our finances added many many times. There are past blog entries about checks in the mail, gifts, surprises and unexpected finances coming through at just the right time. That comes from faith and tithing. That's been hard this year. Money has been tight and the pinch has been tighter. But God knows. He sees. He has it completely taken care of. Pastor Robert spoke about in order for God to MULTIPLY our finances we have to give above and beyond our tithe. And just like that a $ amount entered my head and my heart.  I am grateful that today we were obedient. It feels right.

The 2nd principle of Multiply is being a GENEROUS giver. Be a radically generous giver. I can honestly say that is my hearts desire. We can give now but I KNOW that there is a day coming where we will be able to give RADICALLY and I can't wait. Pretty interesting coming from the family with 1 income thanks to the government shutdown. All I do is shut up and listen when God speaks. Something big is happening. Something is stretching us. We are learning, growing and being molded for something bigger. I can't wait.

Tonight will you join me in praying for our President and our elected officials? Lord, break their hearts for the people they signed up to serve. Help them fix this, listen, compromise, learn from each other, think beyond their borders, themselves and their agendas. God, change them.

God is Good All the Time,

Part 1 of Multiply
when Part 2 is up I will link it here.

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