Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Max.

Dear Max,

You are SIX! I can't believe it's been a blink since you went from this
to this
I know you and I see you. I know you love your family more than anything else in the world. Even new toys. You whispered it to me last night when I was talking about what was said Family is First. And you were right. I see you when you try so hard to do the right things. I know sometimes your 6 year old impulses take over and you do the wrong thing. But you know what? We love you anyways. Yes, sometimes it is hard to be your Mommy and Daddy. You are stubborn, hard headed and you JUST HAVE to get the last word in. But the things that drive us batty are characteristics that God himself put in your little body. We don't ever want to crush your spirit but we do want to mold you into the man you are called to be. 

You are a mama's boy through and through. We can thank the Army for that, leaving us alone for the first year of your life will do that to a mom and son. Last night when you couldn't sleep all you wanted was to lay in bed and talk to me. And when you wrapped your arm around my neck and whispered, "I love you more than anything, you're the best mom I ever had" it made everything better. I know you and Daddy butt heads but I know someday you are going to give me a "mommmmmmmmmmmmm" and choose your Daddy over me and that's ok. He has been waiting 6 years for his turn to be your favorite and I think he has another 10 to wait.

You are created PERFECTLY in His image. Do you know how much you are loved? Immensely. More than. Perfectly. As much as we try to love you in our human mommy and daddy ways your Heavenly Father does a much better job than us. He simply uses us as a conduit of His love and sometimes we fail in that. But we will never stop trying to do better for you. You are worth it. You deserve it.

We are so proud of you. Everyday. We love watching you play, learn, imagine, help your brothers and sisters, play with Jack, hug Presley and sooth Stella. We love watching you learn, read, do your homework, play t-ball, focus at MMA, build lego creations, make new friends, help in the kitchen, make us laugh, dance, sing, laugh and pray. We love you.

I can't believe you are SIX. I know in just another blink you will be sixteen even though you laughed at me when I said that.  You are my favorite Maximus. You are the best Max I ever had.


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