Saturday, October 19, 2013

Putting on my Posh hat...

You know I am a mom, wife, Christian, MOST of you know about my Posh hat too.

I work from home running a pampering business with Perfectly Posh. Perfectly Posh offers FUN, naturally based, spa quality pampering products for an affordable price. We want to pamper you. My job, aside from selling pampering products and offering spa nights for ladies in my community is to lead my team, {Dream PINK} I have been incredibly blessed with a team of close to 200 women all over the nation. They are FAN-TAST-IC, I could not be more humbled and proud to lead them in some small way as they work their own Posh businesses on their terms.

So, this is for them.

Last night I had a party scheduled with my FAVORITE host. She is just one of those amazingly kind, fun, people who have a lot of friends and knows how to party. I have been so busy lately that I didn't do the best job host coaching but I did touch base with her a few times and she had a good host kit. I ASSUMED that we were good to go early this week when I touched in with her one more time. What I FAILED to do was ask how many people were going to be there.

I ran around all day, deliveries, working at the dance studio, picking up my kids, packing and before I knew it, party time. It was COLD and raining and I was super tired. But I packed up my bags and got on the road for the 45 minute drive to her house. I arrived and she was rushing around getting ready, had just got off work and the first thing she said to me was, "I hope we have people show up" Uh-Oh. This was my host last year who had 10ish women at her party and $800 in sales. Something was off.

I set up and we chatted and I reassured her that it was fine. 7:00pm start time comes...7:05, one was there. This is not the typical party for this host. Her house is usually bustling and her door bell is ringing. Guests are there when I get there! 7:30pm. No one is coming.

Ladies, this is the moment when you find out what your business is made of. Yes, this was my first EVER party where it was just me and the host. I have had my fair share of 2-3 people parties but me and hostess was a new one. How would you handle it if not ONE person showed up?

I felt bad for her. I KNOW she felt terrible for me. You just NEVER know how parties are going to turn out. I FAILED in my job of host coaching as well as I could have. I should have asked her on Weds (for a Friday party) How many people do you have CONFIRMED as attending? I ASSUMED we were good and it fell apart. I failed my host.

So what do you do? You make the best of it. You put on your big girl panties and you act like a pro. We sat and chatted, we laughed. We furthered our RELATIONSHIP, our friendship and I reassured her it was NO BIG DEAL and we made jokes, ate her snacks she had hastily prepared and we went through the catalog. I told her the products we still had that she loved. I remembered that she loves coconut and introduced her to Lemon Rice. We talked about anti-aging and how I know she would love the Sweet Young Thing serum. We planned out some fun gifts for her friends and family. We made the best of an awkward situation and we both left smiling and laughing.

Now, the party is going to a facebook party live tomorrow! I left her fully prepared to collect orders. Life happened, she got busy, I got busy and we both tried to throw together a party. We both assumed. You know what they say about "Assume"

I packed up in the freezing rain and called Rob. Of course for 10 minutes I was sad that a really good party turned into a big 0. I was embarassed to share with YOU that I had NOT ONE SINGLE GUEST show up. But then I got off the phone and I took Rob's words to heart. This is the work of the enemy. SOOO many good things and blessings come from my Posh business. What if I quit when things got hard? What if I gave up because I had one stinky party? That's exactly what the enemy wants. That is the WALL we hit in direct sales. We are chugging along and things are awesome and then BAM, we run smack dab into a big ugly wall.

An empty calendar.
An awesome new team member who fizzles out.
An Unhappy customer.
The lady who has a reaction to her $100 order.
A bad vendor event.
A month with no sales.
Health issues, the loss of a family member, getting laid off from your full time job.
A month where you hear NO 100 times and you never find a Yes.
Getting lost for an hour on a delivery run.
Failed expectations.

It happens to every single one of us.

So what makes YOU different? Are you going to give up when the going gets tough? Are you going to miss out on the AMAZING things happening when you focus on the bad? Are you going to QUIT right before the doors burst open and the blessings come?

Direct sales is not easy. SALES is not easy! The difference between the most successful salesperson out there and the person who never sells a thing is quitting. Stop trying and it's over. The biggest thing that keeps people from success in direct sales is themselves. A lack of confidence and a lack of determination.

Our team is on the verge of a HUGE promotion. I have had a FANTASTIC month in sales already. I have hostesses coming up and a huge fundraiser for an amazing cause next week. What would I be missing out on if I gave up because of one stinky party?

Just keep swimming,

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