Monday, August 25, 2008

Boys to Men

Boys II Men, A.B.C. BBD!

Are those even the right words to that song? I’m not sure; I am notorious for singing the wrong words to songs so that might be wrong, if so, correct me please.

Today I wanted to talk about raising Boys to Men, yeah not the coolest 90’s R&B group but my precious boy who is becoming more boy and less baby every single day.

Need more evidence? See the above picture.

That is my sweet sweet boy who got his first black eye yesterday. Max was walking across the room (okay toddler running) and fell face first into his fire truck walker. Then he slipped on the tile and hit his cheek. Then later, he hit his lip and made it bleed. ALL IN ONE DAY! THREE INJURIES!

Babies don’t get black eyes but little boys do. Babies don’t bleed and then bounce down again, ready to play, ready to run, but little boys do. Babies do not stumble into three injuries in one day but little boys do. Babies don’t try to run before they walk, but little boys do. Babies aren’t all legs and no brain (right Andi?) but little boys are. Babies don’t worry about a boo-boo, fall to the ground, throw specific temper tantrums or scream DADA at the top of their lungs, but little boys do.

Max is turning into a little boy right in front of my eyes. My heart painfully twisted when I got a baby center update telling me about my 10.5 month old baby. Where did the time go? In two weeks Max will be ELEVEN MONTHS OLD! WHAT? Somebody call the whambulance because my momma heart could boohoo over this upcoming birthday.

I haven’t even thought about planning his birthday party! It’s going too fast, wasn’t it just yesterday that I started this blog, that Max arrived, late but perfect, wasn’t it just yesterday that we brought him home, teensy tiny and swimming in his newborn sleepers?

Nope, it was 10.5 months ago.

My baby is becoming a little boy. And in his big boy swim trunks, or his big boy jammies, or toddling across the room fast as lightning, I catch a glimpse of him as a man and it breaks my heart just a little.

And then I pray for him, I pray that he will grow up big and strong and healthy, that he will always know that he is loved, that he will be respectful and smart, that he will make wise decisions, that he will listen to his parents just long enough to glean some worthy advice, that he will be joyful and positive, humble and polite, but more than anything that he will be a God fearing man, husband and father.

Boys to Men, a painful and beautiful process for this mommy.

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Runningmama said...

AMEN! Charlie's first is saturday!!! Tears...

And I think you got the lyrics right. Someone once told me the BBD was for Bel Biv Devoe, but I really don't know if they knew.

Love ya ;-)