Monday, October 27, 2008


I heard a song this morning on KLOVE that really made me stop and artist named Bebo Norman had a moment when he was watching the news and the train wreck we have all seen happening with Britney Spears. In a moment, when she was being taken to the mental hospital for evaluation, he saw a look of utter desperation, loneliness, sadness and confusion cross her face.

And in that moment, instead of seeing her as another train wreck celebrity, he saw her as she really is, a very lost and lonely little girl, looking for love in all the wrong places.

Even though she had everything money could buy, and all the success in the world, she was left broken and hurting. Alone and confused by what was happening to her.

Our culture loves to build people up and then watch them fall. Something about our flesh encourages the idolatry of people and the inner pleasure we get when they fall from grace. It’s a tragic example of our human flesh.

Hearing that song just reminded me AGAIN to see others with the eyes of Christ. Hurting, lonely, confused, broken people, looking for love in all the wrong places. They surround all of us, in every aspect of our daily life. At work, at church, at the local coffee shop.

There are people hurting everywhere and I just feel so incredibly blessed to know that even when the world hurts, even when I have to stop and catch my breath from the pain that is inflicted upon each of us, that I have the love of a savior who is watching over me, never leaving me in that dark and lonely place.
So blessed....

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Runningmama said...

I needed that. Why is it so easy and morosely fun to watch the queen hit the ground? Glad to see post... I've missed you!!