Monday, October 6, 2008

Excited Beyond Measure

Ok’s here. My new blog for the book I am working on is up and running!!! I am beyond excited about it. The design was by Real Life Design and I think it turned out fabulously! Sarah was so sweet and dealt with my many questions and opinions like a good ol southern peach.

Anywhoo, about the can find it here at
The posts that are up right now are more informational, as I had to create the links up top. I want Military Mommy to be a place where woman around the world can come together with the click of their mouse to laugh, cry and be encouraged that they too can survive motherhood and deployment while drawing closer and closer to Christ. I want them to shift from hating their deployments to embracing their deployments as the catalyst that changed their lives for the better.

So if you want to be my new BFF you can hop on over to Military Mommy and use the html code on the sidebar to post my button on your blog. My aspiration is to get the blog out to as many Military Mommy’s as possible so that they can be encouraged through their own deployments. I think each of us knows someone who is in the military. Help me spread the word about Military Mommy so that we can see God do great things through a lil ol blog and lil ol me.

I’ll be eternally grateful and like I said, we can be BFF’s for life.


Runningmama said...

I am so your BFF. Button is on TFTRM and GROW. Oh yeah...

Jess said...

Thanks gal! We are BFF's for Life!