Friday, October 3, 2008


Ohhhhhh how I love my girlfriends. I love them almost as much as the crisp fall air that is finally coming my way. Ok, really I love them more than that.

I am a girlfriend type of girl. I always listened to other girls talk about how they got along better with boys and they hated girls. Really? Not me, I will take a pretty smelling, nice talking, encouraging, girlfriend over a smelly boy any day.

In middle school, I had a close knit group of girlfriends. I marvel at how we stayed friends when we were so mean to each other at times! And we made each other pass out and call boys that we didn’t even like that much. And I took some of them to high school with me.

In high school I had a pretty large group of girlfriends. And varied we were, by the end of our four years we had taken pretty different paths. We were growing apart but we loved each other nonetheless. In fact we loved each other enough to do a yearbook page together, now that is love.

In college, I took some of those same girlfriends with me. I pledged Delta Zeta with one of my best friends and then convinced my bestie amongst all besties that she had to do it too. She did. And I can’t imagine my college years without her. Sadly, most, but not all of those high school friendships melted and cooled as new bonds of sisterhood were born in dirty houses and late night terrorizing trips to the fraternity houses. We laughed, we loved, we cried, we fought, we screamed at each other and we always made up with tearful hugs at turtle talks. (Don’t ask)

I loved those girls that surrounded me those four years. And I still love them. More than the cool crisp autumn air that blows around me. They are a life blood that keeps me laughing and young, crying, celebrating and mourning together as life forces us from college girls worried about homecoming games to adults worried about life. We hold tightly together in our brief moments together.

I love my girlfriends and I am so thankful to have them in my life. I can’t imagine my life only surrounded by smelly boys. And Lord knows I will probably have all boys in my house. I need my nice smelling, lovely, beautiful, brave, smart, challenging, real girlfriends. They make my heart fuller. My cup runneth over.


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Runningmama said...

I love girlfriends too!!! But, smelly boys are cooler now than they used to be.