Monday, April 27, 2009

August 14th

It's looming. It's the day I decided to change my eating habits and lose some weight. It's the day I went to my doctor and admitted I had issues. It's the day I cried my head off about it.

So since August 14th 2008 I have lost 20 pounds. To be honest I am frustrated with lack of progress. Say I lost 25 pounds a year on average. That means I have 3 more years of weight centered living to even get where I want to be and then guess what? I have to stick with the life changes or it's all coming back baby.

I wish I had a more positive outlook on weight loss this morning. Perhaps I should re-read my own post below and remember what the Voice of Truth tells me about myself. I admit that I have some ugly voices that tell me lie after lie about weight loss and gains. I hate those voices.

I started off my morning with a new 30 day challenge to myself. I have been in a SLUMP and I need something to kick my rear into shape, literally. I will probably be focusing my blog in this direction over the next month, including daily food journaling. Anyone is welcome to help me stay accountable! Simply post a comment that says, what the heck did you do today if I have not posted yet for that current day.

Back to the grind we go!

The Monthly Challenge Rules.
1200-1400 calories per day
No snacking after 8:30PM
Bedtime 10:30PM
8 Waters a Day
Week One-Level One of the 30 Day Shred Workout
Daily Vitamin
Food Journal

Wish me luck, AGAIN.


Jen said...

I wanted to post - what you told me one day when I was down -

"Ugh I obviously feel your pain! I think it is so hard because we have quite a bit to lose. It just seems so out of reach at times. But it is DOABLE. IT is within REACH!

WE can do it and we can do it together! Just remember it is a day by day process. Meal by meal we have to learn to make the right decisions. It is so hard but so worth it. YOU are worth it."

Keep yourself strong and you can reach your goals!

Cayman's Mom said...

you can do it! you know why? because you have this amazing little guy in your life who needs you to be around not just for the next few years, but through every up and down between and when he's big enough to pick you up and give you bear hugs and then even beyond that. just think, by doing this, one day at a time, who inspiring you are. heck, if you see results with the 30-day shred, i'll be jumping on the bandwagon right beside you, because you inspire me!

Jess said...

Thanks ladies! I love you gals! Yen, I love when I get my own advice back at me, it's the best motivator and kick in the butt!

Jackie, you are my BFF in the internet world. You are the greatest. 30 Day Shred rocked it by the way! Target had it on sale for $13